5 Things: Change in Perspective

A few weeks ago, my life changed in a truly remarkable way. My wife and I welcomed a perfectly healthy baby boy into the world and nothing has been the same since.

First, I have had these strange feelings from time to time…. My wife tells me these are called emotions and I shouldn’t worry too much... But another, and more honest change was the sudden and almost instant shift in my perspective. What I consider important didn’t change as much as it intensified. The gap between what is important and what isn’t seems to have widened.

So here is what seems to be driving me:

      Time: Its precious, and every minute I do something it is a choice not to do everything else. I am determined to ensure I make the right choice.
      Relationships: I have found myself having more candid conversations with my clients, connections, and friends. We discuss work and the projects too, but they seem to be more relationship oriented than sales pursuits.
      Longevity: We are raising a full-fledged human. The immediate happenings of now seem to be less significant than the long term implications. This has permeated my professional approach as well.
      Positivity: I have always been a pretty positive guy, but now it seems to be amplified. I expect people to do what’s right, and for the most part people tend to meet those expectations.
      Authenticity: In myself and in those around me, I have seen more value in showing truth and letting each other get close.

    Looking at this list I feel like these changes will help guide me from a personal and professional stand point. Did anyone else have a similar experience? What did I miss?