The Power and Peril of Data

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that the view is always changing. A little over a year ago I decided to start writing these posts to share a little of what I am seeing in the market. Whenever I come across something that I find interesting or new, I write a post. I am by no means a prolific writer, but this will be the 9th post during that time so I chalk it up as a win… now if only I could get someone to read them!

Another reason I love my job is I am part of impactful projects. Go to any conference on just about any topic and I guarantee you will hear at least one discussion around the increase existence, importance, and relevance of data in today’s business. Companies are creating and collecting exponentially more data, but what are they doing with it and how? There is power in the data, but only if you can get to it in a meaningful way.

That is where my client found themselves. The client had massive amounts of data and a desire by senior management to make use of it. What this led to was a team of hardworking smart people spending about two - three weeks every month generating financial reporting packages in Excel.

These are the opportunities that make our Data Analytics team excited. Over a very short project, our team was able to implement a new process which included significant automation (using existing client tools, aka, no additional cost) and reduced the process to less than a day per month. The client is ecstatic, the project paid for itself several times over, and the quality of the reports has created an increased desire for additional reporting. These are the projects that leave an impression and make this job fun.

It also leaves me wondering how many more of my clients have similar processes? How much better and more efficient could their analytics be with small changes? Check back next time to find out, same bat time, same bat channel.