Top 5 - Why Good Systems Go Bad

This is an exciting time in the market. After the last economic downturn, companies were understandably hesitant to take on the capital investment and overall risk that comes with upgrading or implementing new systems. Now, most of my clients are experiencing a period of growth and varying levels of success. With this comes the ability to finally address some of the system needs which have been neglected or put off. I have seen more system implementations and upgrades than at any other point in my career.

Unfortunately not all of them are seeing the impact and ROI they expected. Why is that? Assuming the implementation is successful (and yes we all know that’s a big assumption and there are a million reasons implementations fail), why are these systems not making the differences that were expected?

Accretive Solutions' Collaboration practice is often brought in during or after a new implementation to address system utilization issues. Wheather it is a new ERP, CRM an insurance claims system, or new technology being put in the field there are 5 key factors commonly found in an underutilized system.

Top 5 reasons good systems go bad

  1. Stress – “this is the way we have always done it”. In most instances, the company was making it work some way or another before the implementation, and change is hard for us humans. If we don’t win hearts and minds we will have a hard time winning much else
  2. Purpose – If system owners / users don’t understand the system's purpose they are understandably less vested in making sure it is utilized successfully
  3. Competency – a Ferrari isn’t any good if you don’t know how to drive it. The same thing goes for a system or process, if users don’t know what to do with it, it’s just a waste of time and money
  4. Time – If it takes too long to accomplish an objective, people will inherently find a work around outside of the designed process (shadow IT is alive and well, and completely uncontrolled)
  5. Turnover – when a company loses good people it hurts, It’s expensive, and it’s like starting all over

The bad news is that these factors can be found anywhere even under the best intentions. The good news is each and every one of them can be addressed. In case you didn’t notice each of these reasons are based on the individual, specifically in how and if they receive training and communication.

Accretive uses a “RAPID Adoption Program” which combines change management, training, and communication expertise into a comprehensive program designed to ensure all employees are trained and certified on the key features and functionality of a new system. The key here is to remove the barriers to adoption and ensure the right kind utilization. We have seen tremendous success. Remove the stress, provide the purpose and competency, reduce the time and avoid the turnover.