Recruiting and Executive Search

It’s a buyer’s market. Don’t settle for anything less than your dream candidate.

Similar to buying a house these days, when filling a key position you will have many options to choose from. However, you likely will have a hard time finding exactly what you are looking for. Rather than settling and making a purchase based on what is available and on the market, what if you had an opportunity to consider homes that weren’t even on the market?

At Accretive Solutions, we will expose you to talent that you otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to consider for hire as these individuals are not active and on the market. Our Executive Recruiters have been with our firm for many years and have established trusted relationships with individuals who are top performers in their respective companies. Our team has not only functional experience in the disciplines the recruit, they have expertise in assessing leadership skills, capabilities, success traits and characteristics, and ensures personality and cultural fit align with your organization. Working with Accretive Solutions, you won’t have to settle for anything less than your dream candidate.

By conducting a search on your own, you risk not having an opportunity to consider high quality professionals who simply are not made aware of your opportunity but would be interested and are aligned with your desired profile. Engaging Accretive Solutions eliminates this risk. And, unless you determine that the contribution a candidate of ours will make to your organization’s success easily justifies any associated fee, you won’t spend a dime for having greater peace of mind.

Companies too often think only about the cost of recruiting fees when the cost of mis-hires should also be considered. With a track record of helping start-up as well as Fortune 100 companies hire candidates who quickly become top performers and excel in their organizations, you can be assured of maximizing the return on your investment.

We offer a flexible set of solutions that range from placement of a single candidate in a key position, building a shared services center, to full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), utilizing our proven model to design, implement, execute and manage your talent acquisition needs throughout all stages of the recruiting continuum.

For more information regarding how Accretive Solutions can assist your company with Executive Search and RPO solutions, please contact your local AS representative or