We don’t just recover money you left on the table. We check the chairs too.

Cost & Revenue Recovery

In today's challenging economy, a careful evaluation of business partner compliance with contractual arrangements is essential. Personnel turnover, strained resources, process or system changes, increased fraud risks and the importance of maximizing value in every department has leading companies focused on ensuring the effectiveness of all external relationships.

Accretive Solutions’ Cost & Revenue Recovery Services emphasize the identification and prioritization of opportunities to recover over-billed costs and under-reported revenues. Our experienced professionals execute these services mindful of the importance of maintaining effective business partner relationships and finding long-term solutions for improved controls and monitoring.

Our cost and revenue recovery services include:

  • Construction Audits
  • Distributor / OEM Audits
  • Franchisee Audits
  • Royalty Audits
  • Supply Chain / Vendor Audits

Our approach begins with a Recovery Opportunity Assessment – a low cost, initial assessment designed to be completed within just a few days for most companies. The key objectives of this assessment include the following:

  • Identification and prioritization of potential recovery opportunities
  • Evaluation of cost / benefit to perform in-depth review of each opportunity
  • Recommended next steps for those opportunities with a higher probability of success

Key benefits of Cost & Revenue Recovery audits include the following:

  • Reduction or recovery of billed costs
  • Identification and recovery of additional revenue
  • Improvements in operational controls
  • Enhancements to risk management activities
  • Increased effectiveness of business partner relationships

Previous engagements have resulted in substantial recoveries for our clients, due in large part to the audit experience, persistence, due diligence and thoroughness of our professionals.

For more information regarding how Accretive Solutions can assist your company with our Cost & Revenue Recovery services, please contact your local AS representative or info@accretivesolutions.com.