Ready or not, here comes IFRS.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

The implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards is much more than a technical accounting exercise - it is a transformational process with implications for the entire organization. Approaching the effort with experienced guides and a thorough plan will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and allow you to continue focusing on your everyday responsibilities.

The identification of accounting policy differences between US GAAP and IFRS represents just a small piece of a multi-year process that will drive significant people, process and system changes throughout the organization. A conversion to IFRS will also require consideration, review and re-design of processes and systems that support financial reporting and a myriad of other key business activities.

We can help. Our technical accounting professionals will walk you through all of the important details of IFRS, including the key steps in the implementation process and the timeline to completion. We will also work with your team to complete an initial diagnostic review of the key accounting changes that are likely to have the most significant impact on your company.

As you continue down the road to implementation, we offer a flexible approach that is customized to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise and core competencies in the areas of project management, accounting and finance, information technology and enterprise governance result in the full-breadth of services necessary to successfully execute the conversion to IFRS. We can take the lead in this effort or we can work side-by-side with your team or other service providers to complete specific components of the project – whatever best fits your overall needs. We remain flexible every step of the way and will provide the resources necessary to help you reach the finish line.

Our IFRS services include:

  • Implementation Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Accounting Research & Policy Development
  • Business Systems Transition & Optimization
  • Business Process Evaluation & Implementation
  • Financial Reporting & Audit Support
  • Training

For more information regarding how Accretive Solutions can assist your company with our International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) services, please contact your local AS representative or