If the only thing that's consistent is change, it helps to be good at it.

Performance Improvement

It is widely accepted that business processes and workforce performance are primary drivers in the achievement of organization objectives. The best technologies and market strategies depend, ultimately, on how well the business operates day-to-day. Our services focus on improving your daily operations by aligning business objectives, organization structure, processes and people – and managing the risks associated with change.

Cash and Operations Optimization

Our Cash and Operations Optimization services leave no stone unturned. We'll conduct a targeted review and evaluation of your current processes and approach to managing and forecasting cash, as well as an in-depth review of product profitability and the rationalization of costs across the organization.

Key benefits of cash and operations optimization include:

  • Further insight into product profitability and causes of liquidity issues
  • Practical guidance and implementation assistance for solutions to optimize cash and improve existing cost structure
  • Perspective based on best practices and lessons learned
  • Timely results – initial assessments designed to be completed in 2-5 days

Business Process Improvement

Accretive Solutions Business Process Improvement (BPI) offering focuses on partnerships with our clients to drive lasting improvement in their bottom line, quality and customer satisfaction. The objectives are to:

  • Inventory and define the connection between organizational processes
  • Help align your processes and operations to enable innovation, not just “improved sameness”
  • Identify critical processes requiring improvement
  • Redefine/re-engineer critical processes to create efficiencies and minimize failure points
  • Define responsibility level of each role/team within the process
  • Train employees on redesigned processes
  • Establish sustainable process metrics to ensure attainable results
  • Solicit employee input and involvement to ensure that those closest to the process remain an integral part of the implementation
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to key company team members to perpetuate results

Organization Change Management

Organizations chronically underestimate the human reaction to organization change and the impact it can have on the entire organization.  Mismanagement of change can result in lowered individual and team performance, morale problems, turnover, change resistance, intentional blockage of change, and, in the extreme case, sabotage.

Accretive Solutions' Organization Change Management service offering addresses the people implications of strategy, organizational, process, or technology change. Our professionals will work with clients to:

  • Assess the organization's overall readiness and capacity for change and the magnitude of change specific to the effort
  • Develop a clear and compelling business case for change
  • Define and articulate the project vision
  • Identify and coach change sponsors/leaders
  • Develop change agent networks
  • Develop and deploy communications and stakeholder management strategies to gain buy-in for the changes
  • Identify and plan for impacts to job responsibilities and organizational structure
  • Prepare teams and individuals for change through training on new processes, technologies, and behaviors
  • Establish baseline performance measures and assess the results of the change over time

Organization Design and Transition

Organizations function best when they're designed with a solid foundation of strategy and objectives and a structure that facilitates the objectives of the team. But the design of an organization is only the beginning of an improvement effort. To be successful, organizations must carefully develop and execute transition plans that include not only identifying the differences between the old and new organizations, but also determining what, specifically, must be done to transition from the old to the new.

Accretive Solutions works with clients to:

  • Determine the culture (values, beliefs, behaviors) of the organization and how it should be governed and managed
  • Design the organization structure at all levels – the company and its business units, functions, departments, teams, and individual positions
  • Determine the accountabilities and capabilities required of each position
  • Project the cost and size of the new organization
  • Redesign the performance support mechanisms that will ensure sustainable change, such as: performance measures, performance management processes, compensation and rewards, and selection processes
  • Create awareness and buy-in of change sponsor responsibilities in leading the transition
  • Define transition roles and accountabilities
  • Create detailed transition work plans with specific tasks and due dates
  • Develop processes and tools to facilitate effective hand-off of responsibilities between individuals/teams
  • Implement processes to ensure transition momentum is sustained

Training Design and Development

Does your current workforce have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to help you achieve your short and long-term organizational strategies?

Is a current organizational change creating new workforce skill, knowledge, and ability requirements?

Accretive Solutions helps companies align their employee capabilities to support the achievement of business objectives.  We partner with our clients to develop workforces that are better able to deliver measurable business results and that clearly understand how their jobs and actions contribute to delivering these results.

For more information regarding how Accretive Solutions can assist your company with our Performance Improvement services, please contact your local AS representative or info@accretivesolutions.com.