Revenue is critical to your business, and the accounting for revenue is key to your Finance Department's success.

There’s intense scrutiny on your business’ topline. Across industries, revenue says more to your stakeholders than any other single financial metric. Investors measure value, customers and vendors assess scale, and employees measure company success, all on your company’s ability to generate revenue. Revenue generation, though, has many obstacles beyond closing orders. Accounting rules are complex and consistently constantly changing, regulatory requirements put big demands on systems, and managing to investor expectations requires excellent coordination and cross-functional communications.

We can provide a broad range of services around revenue compliance and optimization:


  • Develop a comprehensive revenue accounting policy that ensures clarity and
  • Review contracts, document accounting conclusions and provide audit
  • Write white-papers on sensitive accounting matters and transactions
  • Architect processes that ensure an efficient close of revenue accounts
  • Ensure new revenue standards are implemented efficiently without surprises,
    including ASC §606


  • Lead efforts to optimize revenue efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Educate sales teams and sales operations on the facts and the rationales
    behind company policies
  • Working with counsel, develop standard contracts that ensure healthy
    balance is achieved between deal risk, compliance risk and economic risk
  • Work with product management to develop best practice pricing guidelines
    that properly consider economics and revenue


  • Implement best of breed technologies that ensure that required information
    is captured
  • Integrate revenue systems with other mission-critical systems (e.g., order
    management, sales, marketing, commissions, G/L) to ensure cross-functional
  • Using collaboration tools, lead change management communication to
    ensure efficiency and consistency
  • Develop and/or implement data analytics and BI tools for budgeting and
    scenario planning

Download Datasheet - Revenue Optimization